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1/2 Facility Rental (Small Group) 2 Hours • 8 People Max
Full Facility Rental 2 Hours • 9 or more people

OBX Events in Kitty Hawk North Carolina with Turf’s Up OBX!

Please keep in mind that rates vary by season. Please click a date on the calendar, chose a time and then follow the prompts to determine rates for your event.

Bring your friends and family to us for a special experience of indoor sports and entertainment! We are here to help make your party something truly special.

There are two types of facility rentals we offer. If you have 8 or less total players for your event, we allow a 1/2 facility rental.

The 1/2 facility rental provides 2 bays for 2 hours.

If you have more than 8 players, we require a full facility rental.

The full facility rental provides 4 bays for 2 hours of play and your private use of our facility. A bay attendant/bar tender remains on location to serve drinks and manage the facility, but with a full facility rental, you control what guests are permitted in the facility during your reservation.

You are permitted to bring food, but please bring all serving utensils, candles, plates, etc. We do not provide items to support food brought into our facility.

You are not permitted to bring outside beverages into Turf’s Up. Beverages must be purchased from us.